Michael B Berneis

Technologist, Physicist, Magician (in order of competence)

Born in LA, grew up in Munich, Germany, spent half my life in New York City, living in Portland, OR now.

Started my career by building technology for Electronic Payments and ATM machines while in high school before achieving my master in physics at TUM.

Moved on to genetic image processing and pattern recognition projects before joining the financial industry in New York a few weeks before Black Monday.

Back to Germany I headed the software division of FAST Electronic during their entry into the video editing business before returning to New York to join Reuters to write a variety of FX Trading Simulations.

Moved on to the Market Surveillance division of the New York Stock Exchange to build a system for detecting insider trading information on financial message boards.

Founded BookmarkSync during the Web 1.0 era and joined several startups before returning to the NYSE as a Solutions Architect for Web Technology and Market Data distribution.

Managed development of web and mobile products to disrupt the investment banking business as Head of Capital Markets Technology at Liquidnet.

Co-Founder of NanoChipID and Fetch-ID, a profitable startup making sure lost pets find their way home.

Proud father of a daughter (Isabella) and two sons (Hugo and Anton).

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